Now, with the period of senior projects coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on my time writing The Word of Claud and going to all of these shows. Before I started this project, my knowledge of concerts mostly stemmed from yearly excursions to Boston Calling and the occasional House of Blues show, but […]

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory Vince Staples has been surpassing my expectations since the first time I listened to “Señorita” summers ago. Summertime ’06 was held some amazing tracks, even if it was pretty dense, and Primmadonna had great production and some very interesting choices. His songs deliver fresh takes on social issues, extremely […]

The crowd at the Brighton Music Hall consisted of a different makeup than the last show I saw there. Rather than a venue full of teenage boys (myself included) who threw themselves into the crowd at the Maxo Kream concert, this audience was full of more mature twenty-somethings ready for a more relaxed night. The […]

Arcade Fire – “Everything Now” Arcade Fire’s last project Reflektor had a kind of disco edge to it. “Everything Now,” the lead titular single for their upcoming LP, seems to have moved past the disco 70s and onto the pop 80s. A note I made about the pair of LCD Soundsystem tracks was that they sounded […]

I still remember the first time I heard a hip-hop song. My cousin and I sat in the bunk room of my great grandmother’s house on a warm summer morning. We huddled around his classic iPod while sharing his earbuds, and played T-Pain’s 2007 classic, “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’).” The Florida rapper’s auto-tuned […]

Boston Calling took a year off to discover itself. In 2016, the local music festival was biannual, with fall and spring iterations. At the end of the spring 2016 iteration of the local music festival, rumors swirled not about next falls lineup, but about a new location, a move to an annual model, and an […]

The first one to take the stage was Kid Fame. His Sonicbids account says, “Rap’s James Dean, clean cut with that “bad boy” image. His music is Fun, upbeat, intimate and energetic. The spectrum is infused with everything from Jazz to Electronic leaving no genre untouched.” They might be overselling it. Kid Fame falls in […]