Quick Hits: June 3, 2017

Arcade Fire – “Everything Now”

Arcade Fire’s last project Reflektor had a kind of disco edge to it. “Everything Now,” the lead titular single for their upcoming LP, seems to have moved past the disco 70s and onto the pop 80s. A note I made about the pair of LCD Soundsystem tracks was that they sounded like U2’s brand of Stadium Rock, and I think “Everything Now” falls into this, but only in scale. “call the police/american dream” did have a Bono-esque feeling to it, where this track has more of an ABBA quality. An maximal Arcade Fire track with an infectious hook, a woodwind break, and lyrics pertaining to twenty-first century consumerism? Sign me up!

Verdict: Mamma Mia but with “Rebellion” instead of “Dancing Queen”


Vince Staples – “Big Fish”

I’m really vibing with this track. Since the release of Summertime 06 two years ago, Vince has become one of my most hype rappers of this generation. “Big Fish” goes the “Señorita” route and samples another artist for the hook. I’m a fan of this track, but I can’t exactly say why.  It’s a better track than his previous single “Bagbak,” and I think that’s because of the murky quality that makes the listener feel like they are underwater, gasping for air during Juicy J’s hook. His new album Big Fish Theory will obviously further the water themes he played with on Summertime 06, with all of the references to water (“Swimming upstream while I’m tryna keep my bread/From the sharks make me wanna put the hammer to my head”). I’m looking forward to his upcoming LP.

Verdict: A hot tub that isn’t quite hot enough but is getting there


Radiohead – “I Promise”

This song is one of the extra’s from OKNOTOK, the 20th anniversary special edition of the Radiohead classic OK ComputerOK Computer is one of my favorite albums, and the songs from the original are as fresh and relevant as the day they came out, so any B-sides from that album are well-welcome. The rhythm guitar that starts off “I Promise” almost possesses a marching band aspect, ushering in a love song of commitment and devotion. I understand why this track was left off of OK Computer; the triumphant declarations that make this song special would feel very out of place on such a dreary album about the dangers of technology, but oh am I ever so glad that Thom and the Boys decided to release the track so many years later.

Verdict: Watching your fiancée walk down the aisle to Thom’s Wailing


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