Album’s I’m Hyped For & Why You Should Be Too

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

Vince Staples has been surpassing my expectations since the first time I listened to “Señorita” summers ago. Summertime ’06 was held some amazing tracks, even if it was pretty dense, and Primmadonna had great production and some very interesting choices. His songs deliver fresh takes on social issues, extremely great beats, and genuinely wonderful flows. “Big Fish” is a stronger single than “Bagbak” was, but they’re both enough content to get excited about.

Calvin Harris- Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Calvin Harris has started to make music to be excited for. I’m not sure when the era of shallow pop music ended and quality collaborations began, but it was probably around the “My Way”/“This Is What You Came For” time period last summer. The release of “Slide” on Frank Ocean’s Beats1 radio show was the catalyst, getting Calvin Harris Best New Music on Pitchfork (?!?) and garnering hype from music fans everywhere. He’s released two other tracks since then, “Heatstroke” and “Rollin,” and they’re both big departures from Harris’ previous work. This album could be a hit making machine, and a quality one at that.

LCD Soundsystem – ???

LCD Soundsystem has already released two classics in the shape of Sounds of Silver and This Is Happening, so there’s no reason to not be hyped for new LCD Soundsystem. Since their famed final show in 2011 the band has only released three tracks: the depressingly wonderful “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” as well as the double a-side “call the police/american dream.” All three of them are strong singles, and I really hope the band can release another classic.

Mura Masa – Mura Masa

I have loved all of Mura Masa’s singles for his s/t. “Love$ick,” “1 Night” and “All Around The World” all have the steel-drum UK club sound that Jamie XX brought in 2015, but with so much more collaborations with hot artists. I really would love In Colour pt. 2, so if this album just shapes up to be that it would be fine with me, but I think Mura Masa has the potential to make a great commercial debut.


I already explained how excited I am for this boyband in another piece, but if the band can keep releasing solid tracks along the lines of “Heat,” “Gold,” and “Star,” I genuinely believe that they could be more of a powerhouse than Odd Future ever was, and Odd Future produced my favorite musician (Frank Ocean). I’m just that hyped.


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