What I’ve Learned

Now, with the period of senior projects coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on my time writing The Word of Claud and going to all of these shows. Before I started this project, my knowledge of concerts mostly stemmed from yearly excursions to Boston Calling and the occasional House of Blues show, but besides that I didn’t get out to see artists often. Now, after attending seven additional shows, I’m pretty sure I’m a bit more experienced than I first was.

I’ve learned a few things with all of these concerts. A big issue with concert culture in America, especially in Boston, is that people really stick with what they know, and only see concerts of musicians they’re big fans of. Don’t do that. A lot of the musicians I saw this past month I had never heard of before, and I just found them on Songkick (Songkick is a super helpful app for finding concerts in your area — use it!). I had never heard of Told Slant, and was only vaguely aware of Maxo Kream and Oddisee before I saw them, but those were some of my favorite shows. Explore more with what concerts you go to —sometimes the best concerts are the ones you would never expect.

I set out on this project with a clear amount of articles I was going to write: 8 concert reviews and 8 album reviews. If you look at my posts that didn’t happen quite to plan. Rather than write album reviews, I wrote a variety of articles I tagged “littles,” ranging from non-album reviews and artist features to an annotated playlist and my favorite section, Quick Hits. I feel like these sections gave me more flexibility when it came to writing about what I wanted to, rather than consume albums that I didn’t necessarily want to. I also wasn’t able to write about 8 concerts; because of time commitments with an extracurricular (tech week ran from 5:00-10:00 Monday through Saturday, coincidentally the only time concerts happen), and because some concerts were just not noteworthy.

I think this project was a success. I learned to be flexible (I decided a good amount of these concerts the day of), how to write like a music critic, and how to critique music. I really enjoyed my time working on The Word of Claud. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing this blog, because I found that this is the perfect outlet for a lot of my writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Some last minute tips. Don’t go to a concert when doors open, get there like 15 minutes before the start. Don’t take out your phone; the videos and photos won’t come out great, and you’re distracting yourself from the thing you paid for. I sure hated pulling out my phone to write notes. Be respectful of those around you at concerts, because no one likes standing next to “that guy.” And, most importantly, explore artists outside of your comfort zone. You might find someone you really like.


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  1. Michael Fitzgibbon · · Reply

    Interesting and good writing! Another final tip: Don’t forget earplugs, if you want to be able to hear the music when you are my age (I was your age in 1972). Unplug for the good stuff, but save your hearing from the thrash. Keep a movie and museum/gallery journal/blog, along the way, too. Good to be versatile, plus, lots of feedback between the arts (and, for the mostly deaf, synesthesia : ) With the chops you have now, you could cover a number of arts in the future.

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