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What I’ve Learned

Now, with the period of senior projects coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on my time writing The Word of Claud and going to all of these shows. Before I started this project, my knowledge of concerts mostly stemmed from yearly excursions to Boston Calling and the occasional House of Blues show, but […]

Album’s I’m Hyped For & Why You Should Be Too

Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory Vince Staples has been surpassing my expectations since the first time I listened to “Señorita” summers ago. Summertime ’06 was held some amazing tracks, even if it was pretty dense, and Primmadonna had great production and some very interesting choices. His songs deliver fresh takes on social issues, extremely […]

BROCKHAMPTON is Not One Direction, But They’re the Next Big BoyBand

BROCKHAMPTON is the biggest boyband in the world right now — you just haven’t heard of them yet. They have a few pop stars, a VICELAND television program, and a passionate fanbase, and are about to hit the big time. A few years ago, Ian Simpson made a post on KanyeToThe, a website which started […]

My Annotated Summer.17 Playlist

Anyone who has gotten in my car over the last few weeks knows that I’ve been slaving away over my summer playlist. Perfecting the selection and the flow from track to track has dominated a good amount of my listening time, and I’ll take any opportunity to get the opinions of those who ride in […]